The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Happy Parents, Happy Children

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Parents, Happy Children

Most of my blog focuses on the health and welfare of the children.  Today we look at how parental relationships affect the happiness of their children.  Certainly everyone argues from time to time; that's just human nature.  However, when you argue in front of the children, you cause doubts to form - is this argument my fault?  What can I do to stop this argument?  I remember thinking those thoughts when I was a kid, watching my own parents argue on a Christmas afternoon.  I also clearly remember asking, "Why do you always have to ruin every holiday?"  Don't get me wrong - my parents were great role models and stayed married for over fifty years.  But the fact remains that I have that day branded in my memory.  I vowed that if I had a problem with something my husband did that annoyed me, I wouldn't hang it out for the children to witness like dirty laundry. 

So, would you rather be happy or would you rather be right?  That's the question at hand for this blog.  I'd like to think you can be both happy AND right, but that doesn't happen all the time, does it?  Therefore, learn to pick the fights that will result in an improvement in your relationship with your spouse, but don't pick it while the kids are listening.  Or better yet, learn to walk away from a situation before it escalates into an argument.  Then when you return, you can calmly discuss your issues.  And what an awesome role model you'll be for your happy kids!

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