The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: A memorable day

Monday, May 2, 2011

A memorable day

On this day when all the world, and especially America, rejoices in the death of a demon, I wonder about the effects this will have on our children.  Do they see this as justice being served?  Or do they see it as a human being who was killed by our American government?  Yes, bin Laden was biologically human, but emotionally inhumane to other people.  I have always had a hard time accepting the death penalty as a means of dealing with criminals, even if it means that my taxes no longer provide for their maintenance in the jails.  So, I guess if I still had little people in the house, I'd help them to see that in killing the "bad guy" we have prevented him from killing any other innocent people.  May God bless the brave Navy seals who participated in the raid.

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