The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: The New Stranger Response

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New Stranger Response

According to Kidproof, a publishing company dedicated to children's safety, instead of teaching your children to not go with strangers, the new golden rule of stranger safety is to tell your kids, "Never go anywhere with anyone without asking permission first."  Why?  Because instructing kids to not go with strangers, places them in a difficult position.  Should they go with a policeman?  Security guard?  Uncle Milty?  Children may feel secure going with the family member or law enforcement official, but statistically, these people are more likely to abduct or abuse children (the abducting policeman is usually not a policeman, but someone dressed like one.)  By instructing your children to ask you first, you assure yourself that they will always let you know where they are.  Also tell them that if you are unable to answer for whatever reason, to go to a woman rather than a man.  Statistically, women are less likely to abuse or abduct a child than a man.

What marvelous advice in an unsettled world!

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