The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Using Themes to Boost Fundraiser Sales

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Using Themes to Boost Fundraiser Sales

If you walk the aisles of a craft show or flea market, one stand blends with the next after a while.  Then you stumble upon one table that stands out from the rest like a Christmas tree in July.  But wait, that's what you see - a Christmas-themed craft table in the middle of everything else.  You stop, you buy a little something for Grandma, the salesperson thanks you, and you leave the affair happy with your purchase.

If you're on the other side of the table selling your crafts or cookies, you know that people tend to browse until something attracts their attention.  That's the power of the themed fund raiser.  It doesn't matter if you and your group hold a craft sale, a used book sale, or a car wash, the concept remains the same: Unique approaches attract attention.  Here are some ideas for themed fundraisers with possible projects for the funds:
  • Toga car wash - Wash your chariot for $10.00 to support earthquake relief in Italy.
  • Christmas rummage sale in July - Benefits purchase of items for Toys for Tots.  Decorate with Christmas trees, etc.  Wear read and green.
  • Professor Pringle's used books sale - Benefits purchase of books for disadvantaged children.  Add bookmarks with your fundraising contact information for additional revenue.
Those are only three of the many ideas you can develop when you link your fundraiser to a theme that supports your cause.  For more theme ideas and tips for a successful fundraiser, look in my book, Helping Kids Help: Organizing Successful Charitable Projects.

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