The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: A Father's Contribution to the Family

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Contribution to the Family

In 1960, only 11 percent of children in the U.S. lived apart from their fathers. By 2010, that percentage had risen to 27 percent. The role of fathers in the modern American family is changing, and I fear that many families are in jeopardy of producing children without strong male role models.  What impact does that have for future generations? 
  • Children will see marriage as a temporary arrangement, suitable only for those who are 100% compatible. (There is no such animal as a perfect marriage!)  
  • When children have fathers who are emotionally involved, those children score higher on tests of emotional intelligence.
  • When children live with a positive male role model, they tend to have better relationships with other children and behave less aggressively. 
  • Fathers can be key teachers for a strong business ethic that shows children how to be diligent in school.
  • Fathers tend to challenge their children more than mothers, which encourages independent thinking.
  • When fathers are present in the home, they provide more financial support than when they live apart from their children.
Given all those reasons and the many others outlined in this article (How Do Fathers Fit in?), I applaud all those fathers who have stepped up to the family plate and batted a home run for their team by providing emotional strength, moral support, and financial contributions.

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