The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: I want an APP for that!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I want an APP for that!

If I could develop my own APP, I'd call it ALTERNATIVE PARENTING PROCEDURES.  Too often, parents fall back into a comfortable mode of hitting, demeaning, and yelling at their children to get them to behave according to their expectations.  Wouldn't it be great if parents could download a discipline APP?  Here is a list of alternatives they would find there:
  1. Discuss the reason for the misbehavior and how the child can improve next time.
  2. Set up realistic logical consequences for misbehavior and then be consistent with them.
  3. Use humor to defuse a situation before talking about the source of the problem.
  4. Allow the natural consequences of the behavior take over - no parental action is necessary.
  5. Offer if-then options that don't involve ultimatums, which allow children to make their own good choices.
  6. Determine the severity of the misdemeanor.  Let it go if it isn't critical.  Just like too much sweetness, too much discipline is not healthy for a child's emotional intelligence.
  7. Redirect the bad behavior into something positive.
  8. Develop a system of rewards, whereby the children must earn them over time.
  9. Discover the underlying cause for the bad behavior.
  10. Love your children for who they are, but discipline what they do.
Happy Parenting!

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