The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: It's all a matter of perception

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's all a matter of perception

One of my favorite songs is Kenny Rogers' The Greatest.  It's the story of a young ball player who tries to toss the ball up and hit it before it lands in the dirt.  Over and over he tries, unsuccessfully, to hit the ball.  Finally, it's time to go home and he decides that he never knew he was such a good pitcher, throwing strikes every time!  What a marvelous attitude!

Do you help your children to see the positive aspect of every situation?  Do they see the glass half empty or half full with love from his or her parents?  Do you strive for perfection or accept that kids can be imperfect?  Being positive is a healthy attitude, both for mind and body.   For more information, read this article: Well-Rounded Kids.

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