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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learn How to Write for Children

As the author of hundreds of stories and articles for children's magazine, two books for teachers, over twenty articles for parents and teachers, and one picture book for children, you might wonder how I arrived at where I am today.  I attribute this moderate success to two things: (1) In 1999, I enrolled in the Institute of Children's Literature for their Writing for Children and Teens course. (2) In 2000, I attended a week-long intensive writer's workshop sponsored by The Highlights Foundation.  Between those two very valuable resources, I learned how to write for children and present my writing to the best possible markets.  It's not rocket science, folks!  The tips I learned showed me how to use my basic writing ability to help children understand themselves and their environment.

Now I am an instructor for The Institute of Children's Literature, so if you'd like to take that same course, simply contact them and ask for me! For more than forty years, the Institute of Children’s Literature has offered the premier writing course, books, and a newsletter to adults interested in learning how to write and be published for children and teens. The hallmark of the course is one-on-one personalized instruction with active professional writers and experienced editors. College credits are available for all courses. Instruction is conveniently available everywhere via the traditional home study method—with lessons exchanged either through the mail or via the Internet.  If you want a retirement activity or simply want to learn how to write with more flair, then go to the Writing Aptitude Test , fill it out on screen, and submit it online. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with the education you receive.

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