The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Preserving Childhood Projects

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Preserving Childhood Projects

Remember the pictures on the fridge... 3-D log cabins ... volcanoes that really erupt.... milk carton bird feeders... and the myriad of other projects your children have made?  How do you preserve those memories without crowding your basement, attic, and garage with clutter?  Create an album of photographic memories for each child. 

Even if you aren't into scrapbooking, simply creating an album of photographs will be an important part of your children's memories.  However, decorating the pages with dates, quotes, and other enhancements will definitely increase their value as your children get older.  Or maybe you'd like to create a digital album of their projects!  Whatever you decide, you can take a picture of the project after a suitable amount of "real" appreciation time.  Then put the item in a designated place for a little more time in case the young person wants to see it again.  Then after a few more months have passed and other projects have come to the front of their memories, you can toss the project, knowing that you have preserved it for generations!

Here are some links to helpful websites: Mixbook, Smilebox, Scrapgirls, and Shabby Princess. However, if you surf the net, you'll find many, many more ideas for preserving childhood memories. 

Attention, teachers... You can also use this to preserve memories of each year's projects and students.  Remember to record names, dates, and comments.  You'll thank me when you retire!

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