The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Road trip!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Road trip!

When I was a kid, oh so many years ago, we traveled to Florida, Pennsylvania, and California by car.  During those young years as an only child, my parents kept busy in the back seat with coloring books and story books.  When I got bored with those activities, we would count things along the way - different license plates, different color cars, etc.  My father even showed me where a vent pipe emerged from the roof of a house, so we looked to find the location of the family's bathroom.  What fun!

Today's children have many other travel activities to keep them busy on the road.  Here are a few that I would use if my kids were little:
Finally, here's my all-time favorite car game: Create-a-story.  One person is designated the narrator, who begins the story and adds story components.  The rest of the occupants of the car take turns providing the details.  When the story is done, everyone draws a picture of the story.  Here's and example:  Once upon a time there were three __________________.  Their names were ____________, _____________, and _________.  They didn't like to ______________________, so instead they ________________.  (The narrator would then continue like this until the story reaches a natural conclusion.)

Happy traveling!

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  1. I use a lot of these games with my kids when we are on a road trip. They love them for so long and then get restless. I let them watch a little bit of TV if they get extremely restless. I have the TV Everywhere app through my provider/employer DISH Network and it allows me access to all our subscription channels from the iPad. The kids can watch all their favorite shows live from anywhere we are at. The only thing I had to do was buy the Sling Adapter for $99.00 and hook it up to my receiver. Right now DISH has a great deal on the Sling Adapter. Go to this link to check it out . The iPad does wonders with the kids. It keeps them quiet for hours.


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