The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Top Ten Ways to Have Happy Children

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Top Ten Ways to Have Happy Children

Lenora Boyle has outlined the Top Ten Ways to be Happy (for adults.)  Here, I'll translate them for children's happiness:
  1. Remember that your children are not perfect and never will achieve perfection in anything they do. 
  2. Love your children for all their successes and their failures. 
  3. Avoid bringing up past problems.  Live in the present.
  4. Show your children that you appreciate them and are grateful that they are in your life.
  5. Be a happy role model.  Laugh and smile frequently.
  6. Allow children to learn from their own mistakes without your intervention (unless of course, the situation is life-threatening) 
  7. Learn to pick your fights.  Often, a situation does not need to end in a disagreement if you think about other options.
  8. Search for creative solutions to common situations.
  9. Believe in a higher power.
  10. Be positive - show your children what you DO expect from them rather than what you DON'T expect.
I'm pretty sure that if you follow these ten simple guidelines for helping your children to achieve happiness, you'll find your own life will be happier, too!

Happy Parenting!

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