The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Another use for a clothes pin

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another use for a clothes pin

In a previous blog, I showed you how to use clothes pins to indicate movement upward on a sliding behavior scale.  Today, I adapt a hint from my daughter, a 7th grade science teacher.  She wanted to showcase student work on a rotating basis, so she hot glued clothes pins to bulletin board paper that was tacked onto the bulletin board.  Then when she wants to showcase new work, all she has to do is unclip and add a new piece.  So easy! 

Rewarding students with classroom recognition is almost better than giving them a big A on the top of the paper or a smiley sticker.  This recognition gives them positive attention in front of their peers, which multiplies the satisfaction level.  With stickers, only the student and his family or close friends see the achievement.  With the reward wall, everyone gets to see what good work looks like and who did it. 

Happy teaching!

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