The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Are Comic Books Legitimate Reading ?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Are Comic Books Legitimate Reading ?

8 Reasons to Let Your Kids Read Comics (excerpted from a post by Capstone Press)

1. Comics are fun to read. Why does reading have to be miserable? It doesn’t. Finding one genre fun means that your child will cross over it findin other genres fun.

2. Comics contain narrative stories with the same story elements and literary devices — characters, conflict, resolution, setting, symbolism, theme, point of view, and so forth.  Teachers, consider using them to illustrate these concepts.

3. Comics provide built-in context clues. Because comics are visual, even if the text is difficult, the visuals give the reader support in comprehending the story.

4. Reading a comic is a different process of reading using a lot of inference. With a comic, readers must rely on the dialogue and the illustrations. The reader must infer what is not written out by a narrator, a complex reading strategy.

5. Readers need variety in their reading diet. 'nuf said!

6. We’re a visual culture and the visual sequence makes sense to kids. Most children are visual learners.

7. Reading comics may lead to drawing and writing comics. Linking reading and writing is important. Comic book creation is particularly enticing for kids who prefer drawing to writing normally but will make exceptions for dialogue bubbles.

8. The selection of graphic novels is bigger, better, and reaches a wider age-range than before. Every month more comic books and graphic novels enter the market for younger readers and provide more good choices from which to pick.

For more info, read, which includes a video on comic book literacy.  And look at the article in the Washington Post:

Happy Reading!

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