The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: The Kinetic Classroom

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Kinetic Classroom

Allow me to blow my own horn here!  I've worked for several years to get this book published so teachers around the world can move children around the classroom rather than sort them in neat  little rows all day long.  Research shows that children's brains need oxygen for stimulation.  The only way to provide that oxygen is to move them around so their little blood vessels carry it to their brains. 

The Kinetic Classroom provides the background research, implementation suggestions, and 34 activities that can be used by teachers of all levels, abilities, and curriculum topics.  This book is also available in kindle edition if you want a more portable, digital copy :-)  

Please comment below if you buy this book and let me know which activities worked best for you and explain how you used them.

Happy Teaching!

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