The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Cold and flu prevention

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cold and flu prevention

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, school-aged kids are some of the best transmitters for cold and flu germs. And once they catch a virus, kids can stay contagious for three to eight days, quickly spreading their illness throughout your family.  They are such generous creatures!  Here are some tips to help prevent their generosity:
  1. Get a flu shot! It's easy, safe, and relatively inexpensive.
  2. Teach children how to properly wash their hands.  Most rinse with water and forget the antibacterial soap.  This results in their placement of germs on the towel.
  3. Speaking of towels, change them frequently.
  4. Remind kids to avoid touching their face, which is the primary way germs go from their hands to their systems.  Nail biters are at particular risk for picking up germs.
  5. Drink plenty of liquids to flush the germs from their systems.
  6. Eat yogurt - the beneficial bacteria cuts susceptibility to colds by 25%.
  7. Take multivitamins with C and Echinacea.
  8. Encourage physical exercise, which amps up a child's ability to fight disease.
With these eight steps, your children will be less likely to catch colds and flu from other children and family members.  However, if they do get sick, remember to keep them separated from the rest of the family, give them plenty of fluids, and frequently wipe down surfaces they touch with an antibacterial cleanser.

Happy, Healthy Parenting!

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