The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Fundraiser for Home and School

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fundraiser for Home and School

Recently, I found a catalog ( of bulbs that recommended nonprofits use them as a fundraiser.  My interest piqued, I investigated further.  Here's what I found:

For $149.50, you can get 250 Arkle daffodil bulbs. (There are many from which to choose, but this seems to be a good price.) You print your own flyer advertising the fundraiser.  For example, you could say that your patrons can buy a dozen daffodil bulbs for $10.00.  That gives you a profit of about $2.80 per dozen purchased or $56 per order of 250 bulbs.  You'll likely get more than 20 people to support your fundraiser, so the profits will go up as you increase the size of your order.

Now here's the unique part of this fundraiser... Tell your patrons that for every dozen bulbs they buy, they'll really get only eleven.  One bulb from each order will be planted around the school to beautify it in the spring.  What a great idea!

If you work quickly and efficiently, you'll be able to assemble this profitable fundraiser in time for the recommended early November planting.  However, if you think it may be too late to try this now for a fall fundraiser, think about it for next fall. 

For more ideas on fund raising, see my book Helping Kids Help: Organizing Successful Charitable Projects.

Happy teaching and Happy parenting!

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