The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Literature for Special Problems

Friday, October 28, 2011

Literature for Special Problems

Call me crazy, but I truly enjoyed teaching 7th grade language arts because I could help my students pull their creativity from deep within and develop it on paper.  I recently stumbled across a wonderful website filled with tips for language arts teachers of all grades:  There, teachers will find that any problem can be tackled with a book.  Got bullies?  Go to and pick one of the many books on that topic for your grade level.  Then, ask your little learners to develop a similar story.  What about geology?  Carol Hurst recommends Everybody Needs a Rock (An Aladdin Book) because not only does it teach about Mohs' Scale of Hardness, the author also shows young readers about taking your time to make a decision.  Wow!

So, whether you teach fiction or nonfiction, second graders or seventh graders, the information you find at this website will provide the important link between literacy and curriculum.  Here's a quick link to the Table of Contents:

Happy teaching!

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