The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: When your friend needs help

Thursday, October 20, 2011

When your friend needs help

We've all been there. We're sick, had an operation, had a baby, or are simply overwhelmed with life's demands. Then some unsuspecting family member asks, "What's for dinner?" and you lose all patience. When my daughter had her baby last month, a very kind relative started a meal delivery system after I left. Called Take Them a Meal, the website offers a sign-up system for meals for as long as the help is needed. Chelle got delicious home-cooked casseroles for two weeks, which fed her and her family for dinners and leftovers for lunches. The sign-up system prevented her having baked ziti every night, too! Some neighbors were disappointed that they couldn't sign up becuase all the spaces were filled for dinners, so they got together a Sunday brunch basket. What wonderful people! And since she delivered by C-section, my daughter was unable to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, so when she went to the grocery store, she only bought the necessary lighter items - bread, eggs, cheese, diapers, etc. So not only did the system provide wonderful meals, it lightened her burden for shopping.

The website also has a section for recipes and a section for ordering meals if you live far away from the friend or family member in need. In addition, if you belong to a group that holds potluck dinners, they have a companion site to sign up for a church supper as well.

What a boon for the person who needs help because she or he knows that she'll easily be able to reciprocate or "pay it forward" somehow.

Happy parenting!

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