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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things to do for a child's belly ache

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Kids have belly aches for all kinds of reasons and not all of them have to do with illness. Sometimes stress or anxiety is to blame. Finding out the basic cause of the discomfort can help in deciding which remedy you want to use. Here are a few tried and true remedies that have been passed down through the years.
  1. Warmth – Whether you use a heating pad, hot water bottle or a sock filled with uncooked rice and heated in the microwave oven, putting a warm pad on the tummy seems to help in many cases. If you use a heating pad make sure there is at least one layer of cloth between the pad and your child’s skin and use the lowest setting. Hot water bottles can be covered with a towel and if you choose to use the rice in the sock method make sure there are no holes in the sock. Put in just enough rice to make the pad flexible and make sure it is securely tied before heating. Check the temperature before you place it on the child’s belly.
  2. Ginger ale – Sipping on ginger ale can help calm an upset stomach and also help reduce nausea. For the most effective result look for ginger ale that is made from real ginger as opposed to an artificially flavored drink.
  3. Salt water – Older folks swear by this remedy: take a spoonful of salt and mix it in warm water and drink it down. The tummy ache should be relieved within minutes.
  4. Apples – Kids will love this one for a tasty remedy. Core an apple and cut it up with the skin left on. Sprinkle a little ground ginger and sugar on the pieces and heat in microwave oven for around 30-45 seconds. Have them eat it while it’s warm and soon your little one’s belly should feel good again.
  5. Burnt toast – This sounds a bit drastic but it works. Slightly burn a piece of toast in the toaster or oven. To make it more palatable you may want to put some butter or a bit of jam on it. The charred bread absorbs toxins in the tummy and makes it feel better.
  6. Ginger root – Though it’s a bit spicy and some kids may not like the taste, it’s definitely worth a try. Chewing on a piece of fresh ginger root is best, however, sliced crystallized ginger works also and can be found in the produce section of the grocery store. Just be aware that the crystallized ginger is covered in sugar. Have your child chew on a piece or two. This also works very well for motion sickness or tummy ache due to anxiety.
  7. Tea – There are some specific homeopathic teas expressly made for tummy aches and these can be found at larger grocery stores or co-ops. For more readily available teas try mint or ginger. Adding honey and/or lemon also helps.
Sometimes all a kid needs to feel better is a little TLC. If the tummy ache continues or gets worse see a doctor to make sure there is not a more serious problem involved.

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