The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, the time for romance and love.  Most kids think of Valentine's Day as yet another occasion for candy - candy hearts, candy kisses, and chocolate hearts.  But think about the opportunity you have as parents and teachers to show your children how to celebrate love on this special day.  Here are some ideas:
  • Create a family or classroom heart made of little hearts signed by everyone in the family or class, showing their love for the people in their lives. (Teachers, you'll need to monitor the messages on those hearts!)
  • Make a Valentines Box.  Children create a Valentine for each person  in the family and put it in a sealed box.  (Only a slit in the top allows the family members to insert their cards.)  On the big day, probably after dinner, ceremoniously open the box and distribute all the Valentines.  Include cards sent to the family from faraway grandparents and other relatives.
  • Start a family Valentine's Day tradition.  Ours is having Cherry Berries on a Cloud with the clouds in a heart shape.
  • Write "love letters" aka letters of appreciation to military people, seniors in nursing homes, and other shut-ins.
  • Turn Valentine's Day into a learning day by categorizing Valentines the children receive in school - all those with animals in one pile, superheros in another pile, etc.  The make a chart to see which Valentines are most popular.  Or ask your child to create a story about the image they see on the Valentine's card.
Happy parenting!  Happy teaching!  And Happy Valentine's Day!

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