The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: Summer Swimming Safety

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Swimming Safety

It's that time of year again! Kids play in pools, lakes, and the ocean.  Parents need to be evermindful of their children, not taking their eyes from them for a moment.  It's in that split second that a child can go from a living, breathing, loving child, to a tragedy for the family.  Here are ten tips for summer swimming safety:
  1. Make sure the pool is enclosed by a fence and that the gate is constantly closed and locked. 
  2. Place a motion sensor indicator in the pool so you know when an unauthorized child or dog has taken a dip in your pool.
  3. Use approved safety devices for nonswimmers.  Plastic rings will not prevent a young child from drowning. 
  4. Discourage horseplay around the pool where kids can slip, hit their heads, and enter the water. Even good swimmers can drown this way.
  5. Sign your children up for swimming lessons.  Having your child being able to swim does not mean you can leave him or her alone in the pool, however.  It's merely a second line of defense.
  6. Keep electrical appliances away from the pool where they could fall in and cause electrocution.
  7. Instruct children on dive safety so they know not to dive into the shallow end of the pool.
  8. Hair, clothing, legs, and arms can become ensnared in a pool drain that is lacking a VGB-compliant drain cover. Check those covers regularly for damage.
  9. Children should not swim at night when lighting is not bright enough to be able to ensure the safety of your children.
  10. Above all, make sure there is CONSTANT supervision.  Even distraction from a cell phone call can mean the difference between life and death.
Happy parenting!

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