The Parent-Teacher-Child Connection: September 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Australian Children's Book Series

Maureen Larter has begun a fascinating series of ebooks called The Alphabet Animals of Australia.  In each book, the author presents both scientific and character education themes in addition to alliteration of all the animal names.  Here are here first three in the series, available at 

ANGUS ANT AND THE ACROBATS illustrated by Alice Sabrie and Maëlle Chessard, 2011
One day, Angus decides that he doesn’t like working all day long so he looks outside of his home to find some friends.  Along the way he finds a springtail, a flea, a grasshopper, and a butterfly.  Each friend tries to do what the other does, but without much success.  In  the end, each animal realizes that they have special talents that should be used to their potential.  This book teaches about insect activity and an appreciation of one’s talents.

BETTY BEE’S BIRTHDAY BASH illustrated by Alice Sabrie and Maëlle Chessard, 2011
Betty and Bobbie decide they want to do gather extra nectar for the Queen’s birthday, but it is raining.  They know that bees don’t fly well in the rain, so they fashion umbrellas from thin slices of wax.  But they become tired holding the umbrella and gathering nectar at the same time.  They enlist the help of the entire hive, and through cooperative effort successfully hold a wonderful party for the Queen.   This book teaches about bee activity and cooperation.

CANDY COW AND THE CATERPILLAR illustrated by Patsy Seager, 2013
Candy Cow loves everything around her, especially the juicy leaves of the trees.  But one day, a caterpillar on one of those leaves asks her to save the leaf.  They discuss camouflage so Candy Cow can see the caterpillar better.  Candy Cow agrees to leave the leaf and the caterpillar eventually changes into a lovely, bright butterfly.  This book teaches about metamorphosis and acceptance of differences.

Each of Maureen Larter’s books is available in e-version and hardcover and contains a teacher’s guide at the end for further activities.  I recommend this series for children ages 2-5.  

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